September 13,2007
  Riptide LS, has been a valued supplier to Eastman Gelatine for the past twenty five years.  Through Ed's expertise and knowledge of the transportation business we have achieved  our goal of providing our customers with 100% on time deliveries all of the time.
  Riptide LS,, has been able to save Eastman Gelatine several thousand dollars on                 interplant shuttles between Peabody MA. and Rochester NY.
  We are pleased to have Riptide LS, as a strategic partner for our transportation
  requirements and feel that he would be a valuable asset to any company. In can be of
  further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  4l~ Sf. Buyer / Facilities Mgr.
  Paul Carter
  227 WASHINGTON ST. PEABODY, MA. 01960-6998.
True Testimonials

September 11, 2007

The business conducted between Riptide LS, and NYNEX/Bell Atlantic through the 1990's. Over a period of several years, I purchased transportation services from Amberley for NYNEX Yellow Pages. These transportation services included truckload freight and broker services primarilybetween our Lancaster, PA and New England truck routes. 

During the several years that I conducted business with Riptide LS, they delivered top quality service and customer service and very competitive rates.
 I highly recommend Amberley products and services without any misgivings or apprehension.

Michael G. DeCaprio
Release Coordinator
(formerly Distribution Manager)
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